Financial Education for Women Experiencing Homelessness
(New York, 2022)
  • In my second workshop for women experiencing homelessness (partnership with Women In Need, Inc. (Win)) we focused on saving money. Saving money is uniquely difficult for humans regardless of whether we earn multiple figures or rely on government assistance.

That's Lit with Shazzie Dee
(Sydney, 2019)
  • Factors that impact your financial decisions with Behavioural Economist Etinosa Agbonlahor.

Money Mindset Seminar
(Sydney, 2020)
  • I got to lead a series of workshops centred around one of my favourite topics: how our values influence our finances. Differences in background, values and experiences created rich, honest and fun conversations about ignoring learned mindsets to get to our core values, lining up our finances around those values, as well as creating a community to keep us honest and on track.

Harvard Kennedy Behavioral Insights Group (2020)
  • Gave a talk at the Harvard Kennedy School Behavioural Insights Group Conference (2020) on Guiding Principles for crafting a behavioral science career.

Finimize: An Evening on Investing
(Sydney, 2019)
  • Hear from a panel of experts to discuss the basics of investing hosted by Finimizer Etinosa Agbonlahor.

Money & Me Seminar
(Sydney, 2018)
  • Led workshops for women in Sydney on financial values and getting better financial outcomes.